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Carstairs Pianos: A Brief History


Having trained as a tuner/ technician in both the Brasted and Chappell piano factories, Alec Carstairs established Carstairs Pianos in a small workshop in the village of Bridge just outside Canterbury. The business offered a tuning and piano reconditioning service for the East Kent area.

Brasted Piano Factory. Link to further images of the factory.
(Click the photo to see more images of the Brasted piano factory from around 1930)

photo of Alec Carstairs
Alec Carstairs. Founder of Carstairs Pianos in 1945.


Mike Stockbridge is employed by Alec Carstairs. Here Mike learns the skills involved in piano restoration. It is also through Alec Carstairs that Mike is trained as a tuner/technician at Welmar Pianos, and Bluthner Pianos Ltd in London.

photo of Mike Stockbridge


Mike & Celia Stockbridge purchase the business from Alec Carstairs upon his retirement.


Carstairs Pianos moves to a purpose built workshop/showroom close to the main shopping area of Canterbury. Here major reconditioning work can be undertaken whilst still having a large separate showroom space with room for about 25 pianos.

Carstairs Pianos Roper Road showroom.


Mike & Celia's son James, who also trained as a tuner/technician for five years with Welmar Pianos joins Carstairs Pianos.


James takes over the day to day running of Carstairs Pianos with Celia after the premature death of Mike.


A partnership between Celia, James & his wife Nanna is formed as Carstairs Pianos celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Contact information

Address; 1A Roper Road, Canterbury, Kent. CT2 7EH.

Telephone: 01227 766059. fb_logo

Open Monday to Friday 2pm - 5:30pm & Saturday 9:30am - 4pm.


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